Water Buffalo Bhoona           

Slow-cooked, lean Indian buffalo in a medium strength thick sauce with black cardamom


Southdown Lamb                          

Expect a slightly picquant taste with spinach and masoor lentils 


Keralan Mixed Seafood             

Delicate broth with a spicy tomato and coconut based sauce. (Slightly spicy) 


Chicken or Lamb Shasliq        

Tandoori cooked classic with onions, tomatoes and green peppers


Chicken or Lamb Pasanda   

Mild with creamy Pistachio sauce 


Diya’s Jalfrezi (Chicken or Lamb)                              

Traditional spicy chicken dish with our usual touch of flair 


Chicken Limka

Chicken Tikka cooked in a zesty lemongrass and lime sauce 


Chicken Nizami                 

Cooked with fresh garlic and ginger and a touch of mustard in a smooth balti and yoghurt sauce (fairly hot)  


Chicken Firanggi

Dark chocolate is given a twist of sharpness by tamarind, jazzed by fresh chilli and then soothed with a mellow creamy sauce 


Noble Duck

Honey mustard marinated seared duck breast, parsnip puree confit savoy cabbage with spiced orange cumin sauce