Chachas Fish Biran (g) 

Pan-fried with vegetables cooked in sweet spiced curry sauce,with tomato and fenugreek


Goan King Prawn

Chilli, coconut milk, saffron, turmeric and curry leaves brought together in this south Indian dish


Diya’s special Goat 

Traditional curry fused with an eclectic mix of our favourite herbs


Diya Lamb Rack

Kurzi style rack of lamb seared and oven cooked.Served with potato and Kurzi sauce



Steamed with saffron, honey, lime and ginger, served with Spinach pakoras


Diya’s chicken 

Medium with full focus on accentuation  of flavour with bay leaf,cinnamon, cassia, cardammon  and anise



Pan roasted venison loin served with mushroom khichadi,rhubarb chutney and sesame seed &  peanut sauce


Chicken Amcha

Naturally sweet dish with creamy coconut milk and mango sauce that has great depth and complexity of flavours.