Onion Bhaji

Classic crispy onion and gram flour fritters


Seasonal Vegetable Samosas (g)

Using the finest seasonal produce to compile this traditional pastry wrapped delight 


Prawn Patia & Puri

Prawns in a slightly sweet, sour and pungent sauce,
served on a lightly fried Indian bread


Chicken Chatt & Puri

Tangy dish made with a delicious blended masala of fruits. Served on a lightly fried Indian bread


Chicken or Lamb Tikka

Long marinated in yoghurt, herbs and spices before
being cooked in the famous Tandoor


Vegetarian Mixed starter

Classic crispy onion dumplings, seasonal vegetable
samosa and tandoori paneer


Aloo Tikki

Cumin and ginger infused pan fried patties served with chickpea masala,
sprinkled on top of sweet yoghurt, tamarind chutney and mint



pan seared with cumin and Yuzu lime butter, Andean caviar,
saffron pumpkin and cauliflower puree


Sheekh Kebab

Coriander, mint and aromatic Indian spice garam masala marinated with local farm baby lamb mince cooked on iron skewer in tandoor


Mixed Starter

Punjabi lamb chop, malai chicken tikka, tandoori king prawn