Side £4.50 or Main £8.50

Seasonal mixed vegetable curry

Tempered with classical spices and fresh curry leaf.

Chana Massalla

In a spicy tamarind and tomato sauce.

Mixed Mushrooms

Medley lightly sautéed with garlic butter and chilli.

Chilli Naan (g)

Very spicy with fresh chopped chilli

Keema Naan (g)

Spicy mince lamb stuffing


Thin, toasted unleavened bread

Aloo A La Moss

Mustard seed infused with sharp and spicy undertones.

Tarka Dhall

Fluffy, lightly fried bread

Sag Aloo

Spinach and potato with coriander seeds.

Bhindi Bhajii

 Fresh green okra with poppy seeds.

Paneer Zucchini

Tandoori roasted paneer & steer-fried Zucchini, served with a coriander, cumin, black peeper &  tomato sauce (Main only).

Asparagus in Filo (g)

Stir-fried Asparagus wrapped  in a filo pastry and served with a delectable slightly  spicy yoghurt sauce (Main only).